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- Dr. Tedros Adhanom (Director-General of WHO)
The Inspiration of “BELIEVE BELIEVE” and Niles Thomas’ Dinner with Dr. Tedros (Director-General of the World Health Organization)

Roxystar's debut single “Believe Believe” is a universal song of positivity and hope.
I wrote this song back 2018, but never released it”, explains Niles Thomas (singer, songwriter, producer). “But now it seems right to share it with the world”

About 10 years ago, I had the distinct honor and pleasure to meet and have dinner with Dr. Tedros Adhanom (Director-General of the World Health Organization) in Ethiopia. At the time, Dr. Tedros was the Minister of Health in Ethiopia and I was there in support of a cancer organization (The Life’s Second Chance Foundation) to help bring awareness to the cancer epidemic in Ethiopia. In an effort to help build a new cancer hospital in Sheno, Ethiopia, I was invited to help in organizing benefit concerts around the world to help raise awareness, which would help offset funding to build the new hospital.

As a cancer survivor myself, I was invited by the Founder of LSCF, Wossene Bowler, to speak and perform at the U.N. in Ethiopia, and Dr. Tedros was kind enough to ask me to sit at his side at a dinner function that included various cancer experts and surgeons from around the world. Moreover, he also helped me to better understand the rare type of cancer my mother had died of just 2 weeks prior to me going to Ethiopia.
His kindness and generosity inspired me to do more, and it was at that moment that I realized that success and adulation in music meant nothing to me. I wanted to start using my gifts as a songwriter and use my voice to touch hearts around the world on a deeper level and do my very best to help others in any way I can.

It took me a number of years to finally write what I thought to be the most positive of messages, and then there it was.... “Believe Believe” just came to me one late night. Once I finished writing and recording the track I immediately called David T. Morris to take a listen and asked him to put his magical voice to it. Our voices blend so incredibly well together, I knew that David's voice, passion and approach to the song would be the icing on the cake.
I can only hope it brings listeners a smile, joy, and inspiration to come ‘together for a healthier world’ as Dr. Tedros quotes.

In an effort to contribute to a healthier world, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase of “Believe Believe” will be DONATED to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.


An artistic collective of global pop styles, a blend of alternative, pop, dance and funkarella – Niles Thomas is not only the main creative force behind the group, but also noted for his eclectic output as lead vocalist, principle songwriter, composer, and producer.

Roxystar reflects its diverse set of guests and collaborators including singer David T. Morris, trumpeter Bijon Watson, singer Mia Green, guitarist Christopher Mackin and more.

In the early to mid 2000’s, Niles was signed under the EMI Music and Warner/Chappell Music umbrellas, respectively. “Once the contracts ran out, I took a few years sabbatical from music”, explains Thomas. “I just needed a break from it all, knowing that time away would allow me to take a step back, breathe, and find new musical inspiration.”

Roxystar is born, releasing their first single “Believe Believe”, a pop-dance song reflecting messages of positivity and hope during these difficult times of the Coranavirus.“Together for a healthier world”.





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